Thrasher is one of the world's biggest skateboarding magazines, but today it is known for its clothing almost as much as for its editorial content. The magazine was founded in California in 1981 by the trio of Eric Swenson, Kevin Thatcher and Faust Vitello, two of whom were responsible for starting the Independent Truck Company three years prior. Thrasher helped bring skateboarding to the masses, but also kept kids up to date on the latest products from skateboard brands, so was an important tol for the promotion of skateboard clothing. The magazine logo T-shirt features the classic version of the Thrasher logo from the print magazine. Today it's one of the most popular T-shirts in skateboarding and is worn by the most dedicated skaters as well as those with only a casual interested, having been picked up by the fashion consumer in recent years. Several variations of the design have also appeared as part of some of Thrasher's collaboration products, including a 2011 collaboration with Supreme and projects with HUF in 2013 and 2014. These have helped grow Thrasher's appeal outside of its skateboarding roots.

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