Wildkind Kids was founded by a stylist-photographer sister duo Emilia and Johanna Laitanen in 2017. Sisterhood is the foundation of the tight-knit sibling team. Since they were little girls, Emilia and Johanna have always shared the love for animals and fashion. The idea for the brand came from a 90’s t-shirt Emilia had treasured from the years she worked as a buyer for a vintage shop. It had a group of adorable drawn animals and a text saying “all my friends are wild.” This thought reflects the spirit of Wildkind Kids — carefree and mischievous. Together, we want to make clothes as cherished and durable as this t-shirt.


We want our kids to learn about nature and animals that are precious to our planet earth. The Wildkind Kids collection is manufactured with respect and care for the planet, people and animals. We work with organic cotton and manufacture our collections in carefully selected factories under fair conditions. For the love of animals, Wildkind Kids does not use leather or fur.

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